Buyers List

For those who are interested in doing wholesale investing, having a source of buyers is vital to success. The wholesaling process itself requires quick action, which is virtually impossible without at least having an idea of where you can sell the properties. Therefore, it's vital to have a source of buyers; but where do you obtain a list of viable buyers?

Buyers List

The last thing you, as a wholesaler, wants is to be stuck having to pay for a property because you were unable to find a buyer. To avoid this situation, try some of the following tips.

1. Many areas of the country have real estate investor clubs. Joining your local clubs will allow you to make connections in the investing world, so when you have opportunities and wholesale properties available for sale, you will have people in mind to contact. The other benefits to joining a local real estate investing club is that the connections you make can also lead you to property opportunities.

2. Keep a list of property management companies in your area. While this may seem like an odd thought at first, many investors use property managers to handle their rental properties; therefore, property management companies can help put you in touch with potential buyers.

3. Put out a classified ad; you can advertise on Craigslist and in the local newspaper. As with any successful marketing, use words that will capture an investor's eye such as "investor special" or "thousands below market value".

4. Drive around, looking for houses that are being remodeled. Stop to talk to everyone that is working on the property; see if you can get the contact information of the owner. Often, the owners of houses in the middle of being rehabbed are investors that actively purchase investment properties.

5. Contact people and businesses that advertise with key investor terms such as "I buy houses". Alternatively, you can also browse the classifieds for people who have listed investment properties for sale. Look for properties advertised with words such as "newly renovated" or that list a lot of new or updated features. People that list these types of properties are usually investors themselves, and therefore may be interested in being notified when you have wholesale deals available.

Wholesaling is a great way to get your foot in the door with real estate investing. By definition, you have to have a buyer in place prior to closing a sale. Make your wholesale process go smoother by having a list of potential buyers in place.

Buyers List

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